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  • How do I start my care with The Well-Being Alliance?
    Complete your Intake form to ensure your pregnancy is a fit for The Well-Being Alliance. You will receive an email/phone call to confirm your first appointment.
  • Why choose Midwifery Care?
    If you value any or all of the following, midwifery care is the right choice for you. Reducing risk factors Educated and Informed decision regarding your healthcare Non-bias care Monitoring all components that contribute to growing a healthy human
  • Are all pregnancies a good fit for The Well-Being Alliance?
    We offer a collaborative model of care for families intending to birth in the hospital. This means we supplement your standard care with an OB/ GYN to provide the extra support families deserve and need. We also offer care to anyone unable to attain healthcare during their pregnancy regardless of ability to pay.
  • Do you offer out of hospital birth services?
    The Well-Being Alliance does not offer out of hospital birth services. We only see clients who are birthing in a hospital.
  • Do you offer home birth services?
    Today, all Well-Being Alliance babies are born at the hospital. We do not offer home birth services. Our objective is to reach the population most impacted by poor outcomes in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.
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Thank you for your time

At this time we are addressing those in the critical intersections whose outcomes are most impacted.

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